Congratulations to our very own Nataki Garrett for being named the next Artistic Director of Oregon Shakespeare Festival! Read her full interview in American Theatre.
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Past Projects

Bell Solaris

A concert-length composition for solo piano by American experimental music pioneer David Rosenboom.


Macbeth (A Modern Ecstasy)

A radical solo performance re-imagination of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, featuring Stephen Dillane and directed by Travis Preston.


11 September 2001

A dramatic oratorio composed of newspaper and documentary accounts, written by Vinaver in English as a meditation on the events of 9/11. Directed by Robert Cantarella.


Invisible Glass

Filmmaker, visual artist and puppeteer Janie Geiser explores the idea of the “Doppelgänger,” or spirit double made flesh, in a new work inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “William Wilson.”