Congratulations to our very own Nataki Garrett for being named the next Artistic Director of Oregon Shakespeare Festival! Read her full interview in American Theatre.
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Past Projects

Residency: Natalia Korczakowska

Polish director Natalia Korczakowska develops a new project based on the works of Polish playwright, novelist, and painter Stanisław Witkiewicz.


AIR: Virginia Grise

Playwright Virginia Grise will be in residence to develop Rasgos Asiaticos, an intimate story about the fluidity of borders, time and the historic confluence of China, Mexico and the United States.


AIR: Try / Step / Trip

A workshop residency to develop Brathwaite’s play Try/Step/Trip which examines the (mis)placement of young Black men in a rite of passage through the criminal justice system.


Fantômas: Revenge of the Image

A groundbreaking intersection of film and theater exploring urban violence as a facet of the contemporary landscape. The world premiere of Fantômas took place in 2017 at the Wuzhen Theatre Festival in China.