Shelter: Development & Production

Building on a successful development workshop in the Spring 2015, playwright Marissa Chibas is working closely with Mona Heinze (dramaturg) and Martin Acosta (director) to further the script development and advance the strong, dynamic, movement-based approach to communicating the stories that words alone cannot fully communicate.

The creative team is developing two versions of the production. The first is an outdoor, site-responsive version, which will premiere in the East Los Angeles neighborhood of Lincoln Heights. Utilizing a 20′ shipping container, the story will unfold in, on, and around the installation, evoking the experience of traveling on la bestia (the beast), the name given to the train that runs the length of Mexico, used by immigrants to arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The second version will be created as a mobile production that can easily travel to various communities and venues, performed in or outdoors, such as theaters, community centers, conference rooms, parks, etc. Accompanying both versions is a plan for audience/civic dialogue to delve into the issues brought up by the performance.