Fantômas – Revenge of the Image

Directed by Travis Preston
Developed in collaboration with Tom Gunning

The CalArts Center for New Performance production of Fantômas: Revenge of the Image is a groundbreaking exploration of performance space, spectatorship and the intersection of film, theater, and physical sensation. Based on Fantômas, the fictional phantom bandit and figure of unbounded criminality from French serial literature and film, Fantômas explores urban violence as a facet of the contemporary landscape.

Through the creation of an innovative mobile, enclosed audience unit, the production investigates the close relationship between sensation, violence and entertainment in contemporary visual culture. Throughout the production, the audience unit moves through space like a rolling camera dolly and the audience views the performance through an aperture of changing dimensions, not unlike the lens of a camera. The framing of the aperture and movement of the audience unit creates intense sensory effects for the audience.

This project continues the work between film theorist Tom Gunning and director Travis Preston, who have collaborated on several projects together, including An Unseen Energy Swallows Space – their first stage exploration of the landscape of early cinema. Added to this collaborative team are celebrated actress Mirjana Jokovic, known most prominently for her work in the films of Emir Kusturica (Underground, Palme d’Or, 1995), and the choreographer Mira Kingsley.

Fantômas: Revenge of the Image is an innovative and powerful performance experience that will incite broad interest, engagement, and conversation among audiences worldwide. The world premiere performance is soon to be announced.

Fantômas: Revenge of the Image is made possible by generous support from Wanxin Media

Executive Producer: Ye Ling

Creative Team

Travis Preston (Co-Creator/Director)
Tom Gunning (Co-Creator)
Mira Kingsley (Choreographer)
Chris Barecca (Scenic Designer)
Drew Foster  (Scenic Designer)
Keith Skretch (Video Designer)
EB Brooks (Costume Designer)
Jesse Fryery (Lighting Designer)
Ellen Reid (Composer)
Harlow Price (Sound Designer)


Fernando Belo
Maya Brattkus
Jessica Emmanuel
Mirjana Jokovic
Peter Mark
Hilario Saavedra
Sarah Schulte
Jenapher Zheng