Follow the Artist

A new book celebrating
20 Years of CalArts Center for New Performance

Follow the Artist charts the deep, daring, and imaginative legacy of a place unlike any other – one committed to supporting artists, rather than their output. The work of CalArts Center for New Performance has resulted in heralded premiere productions, but more often the unseen – risk-encouraging workshops, exploratory artistic research, and forward-thinking initiatives. This visually lavish publication documents two decades of steadfast creative incubation and commitment to artist-driven experimentation, featuring an astonishing array of seminal, seasoned, and emerging artists from the greater CalArts community.

Featuring newly authored essays and reflections from creative makers and thinkers, including Yareli Arizmendi, P. Carl, Marissa Chibás, Nataki Garrett, Daniel Alexander Jones, Douglas Kearney, Joanna Klass, Natalia Korczakowska, Stan Lai, Anne LeBaron, Carey Lovelace, Juan Meliá, Deborah Paradez, Jin Qiu, Carl Hancock Rux, and Judy Yin Shih.

Designed by Jessica Fleischmann, Still Room

Photos by Brica Wilcox