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Power Play & Willful Blindness

Radio Dramas

CalArts guest artist John Fleck, faculty artist MaryLou Rosato, and CalArts alumni and students recorded two radio plays by Margaret Heffernan, which were commissioned and premiered on BBC Radio 4.

Power Play was a two-part drama about Enron commissioned and broadcast by the BBC. The first play dramatized the scandal of fixing energy prices in California, while the second play postulated that the death of Ken Lay, after being found guilty but before being sentenced, was caused by his recognition that he had been willfully blind to the corruption at the heart of Enron. Willful Blindness was adapted from Heffernan’s book about avoidable catastrophes in history and business.

Production Team

Sara Davies, Executive Producer, BBC
Margaret Heffernan, Author
Mike Burgess, BBC Sound Supervisor
Ali Serie, BBC Production Manager
Josh Senick, CNP Sound
Mauricio Lomelin, CNP Associate Producer
John Fleck, Performer
MaryLou Rosato, Performer
Andrea LeBlanc, Performer
Jennifer Greer, Performer
Sharon Wang, Performer
Josie Adams, Performer
John Beach, Performer
Joel Egge, Performer
Chris Hampton, Performer
Brian Tichnell, Performer
Hilario Saavedra, Performer
Jin Suh, Performer