CNP's "HA-M-LET" will be presented June 25, 2023 at the Sibiu International Theater Festival in Romania.

Residency: Try / Step / Trip

Written by Dahlak Brathwaite
Directed by Roberta Uno

Director Roberta Uno and writer/performer Dahlak Brathwaite return to CalArts to continue the development of Try/Step/Trip (formerly Spiritrials), inspired by Brathwaite’s hip-hop album, which layers characters, poetic verse, and dialogue over the content of songs to create a theatrical piece that blurs the lines between hip-hop and dramatic performance. In Try/Step/Trip, addiction, religion, and the law intersect at a state sponsored rehabilitation program. The piece examines the factors that have misplaced young Black men in a rite of passage through the criminal justice system, chronicling the journey of criminalization and the struggle for vindication and decriminalization in the eyes of the law and society.

Roberta Uno is a theater director and the Director of Arts in a Changing America, a national project on changing demographics and the arts based at CalArts. Dahlak Brathwaite is a multi-faceted hip-hop artist maximizing his abilities as musician, actor, poet, and educator within the transformational space of the theater.

Fall 2018 Creative Team

Bora Lee, Scenic Designer
Bri Pattillo, Lighting Designer
Trey Loney, Sound Designer
Tanaporn Sangmanee, Assistant Sound Designer
Toran Moore, Choreographer
Ceton Tate, Production Stage Manager
Ethan Hollander, Assistant Stage Manager

Jasmine Gatewood, Performer
Derek Jackson, Performer
Julien Moore, Performer
Frederick Douglas Ramsey Jr., Performer
Max Udell, Performer

Fall 2016 Creative Team

Tanya Orellana, Scenic Designer
Bri Pattillo, Lighting Designer
Daniel Gower, Sound Designer
Ratri Anindyajati, Producer
Toran Moore, Choreographer & Stage Manager
Venice Yang, Production Stage Manager
Natasha Wells, Assistant Stage Manager
Jiao-meng Lin, Venue Production Manager
Ni Li, Assistant Venue Production Manager

Preston Butler III, Performer
Jasmine Gatewood, Performer
Julien Moore, Performer
Frederick Douglas Ramsey Jr., Performer
Max Udell, Performer