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The Institute of Memory (TIMe)

Created by Lars Jan/Early Morning Opera
Produced by CalArts Center for New Performance


Two men hunt each other as a kinetic light sculpture hovers and cuts through the air, signaling keystrokes from a hacked ’50s typewriter. Featuring archival wire-tap transcriptions, the missives of communist spies, and MRI brain scans, The Institute of Memory (TIMe) conjures a portrait of director Lars Jan’s enigmatic father — a Cold War operative whose story exhibits how the future of privacy looks dangerously like the darkest era of its past. Jan packs TIMe with a brilliant set of collaborators that include Pablo N. Molina, Nathan Ruyle, Chris Kuhl, Sonny Valicenti, composer and vocalist Mariana Sadovska, and Obie-winner Andrew Schneider, among others.

TIMe was developed with generous support from the New England Foundation for the Arts National Theater Project, the National Performance Network Creation Fund with co-commissioning support from Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, and REDCAT, research support from The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, and residency support from the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA. Future presentations will be produced and managed in partnership with Los Angeles Performance Practice.

This project is organized by Culture.pl as part of a program celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tadeusz Kantor.

For more information about TIMe or Lars Jan/Early Morning Opera, please visit earlymorningopera.com

Presentation History:
TBA Festival (Portland, OR) – September 2015
REDCAT (Los Angeles, CA) – May 2015