Past Projects

Residency: The George Project

CNP in association with Loose Change Productions presents a workshop of When This War Is Over, You’re Going to Get It George written by Emilio Cruz and directed by Juli Crockett.



A site-specific, multi-lingual, multimedia performance housed within a projection cube. Source material from Shakespeare’s play, pop internet culture, home videos, and 3D animation. Created and performed by Peter Mark.

At the Sibiu International Theater Festival June 25, 2023.


Finding Shelter – A Documentary

The documentary film, Finding Shelter, shares the stories of several unaccompanied minors seeking refuge in the United States and how their real-life experiences were made in to the 2016 internationally acclaimed play.


WITKACY / Two-Headed Calf

A company of Polish and CalArts artists explore Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz's work against the endless and wild California nature. US Premiere, October 18-25, 2019 at REDCAT.